Yep, it's rather gloomy-doomy as our favorite vampire slayer might say but, against our foe dementia: We win!

“Be Brave. Live.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Sarah Michelle Gellar: “The Gift,” Season 5, Episode 22

Am not a slayer, scientist, or soothsayer but have seen five relatives die from dementia including my dad: Louis James McManamee, Jr.. He built the haphazard wall you see here with help from Alzheimer's Disease, as confirmed by autopsy, and succumbed to its complications on June 30, 2017. Am dedicating this site to him and to the millions whom we love or have lost.

Sometimes, it seems like we are living in an episode of BtVS, my favorite TV show; but, rather than fiction, our biggest bad enemy is global warming with denial serving as minions to our extinction. Oh, and, plot twist - life will go on without “pesky humans” as our soundtrack swells to: The End. We may not yet have the solution for world catastrophe but dementia is reversible now if caught in time and our knowledge and actions **now** are key.

Join my quest to defeat own dementia risk forever because now we can!
Let me show you how with help from the real superheroes among us!

In love & gratitude,

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