• June 20, 2019
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Hate to Exercise? What to Do.

exercise hate-love face

Resting exercise face

This post is dedicated to everyone (like me) who hates to exercise. I even hate to write about exercise because it’s September 14 and began this post in June 2019.

My doctor has advised that for anyone to prevent dementia it’s advisable to exercise at least 45 minutes per day and to do activity that increases the heart rate in short bursts. In other words, don’t just take a leisurely walk around the block. You must sweat and feel like you’re pushing your limits without injury (however this looks for you because results will vary.)

Although she does not mention this, I recall a t-shirt (that have since given away) with the word Fartlek written four times in different colors because it made me laugh; and, because I knew this would help me to remember the Swedish term for “speed play,” an exercise where you run in short bursts to increase the heart rate. Have also been reading about superslow exercise as seen from Austinite Ben Ellinger’s helpful blog that is more my speed (but have not done, yet.) See two-minute video demo below but be aware that Ellinger advocates for using machines (rather than freeweights) for this technique for only 20 minutes a week to see results! 

The meh photo on the right was taken in 2017 about two months before Dad died. Felt sad, resigned, and determined to defeat depression with hot yoga which helps when done but is tough to stay motivated and unlimited gym memberships to do this particular yoga flavor cost $1,300 a year. In Texas, we can just stretch on the back porch in the Summertime but this is also a bit uninspiring when alone. 

To avoid slipping back into depression about current events (including climate change) and politics; plus, everything else beyond own’s control, here’s what I will do tonight and hope that this or some variety may help you, too:

1. Get on treadmill starting at 5:00 pm (about the time I normally get home from work because AM exercise ain’t happening – coffee must be first)
2. Stay on treadmill as long as possible to sweat bullets and feel as though have done something
3. Work up sweat through alternating intervals – use default treadmill program or invent own
4. Done
5. Repeat next day (same time and channel) and watch TV or read while doing so to pass the time

Maybe am destined to get dementia after all. Or, this is probably the depression talking because I don’t exercise. What am learning is: never give up because life is short enough already!

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