How to Stop Dementia

  • July 7, 2019
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One of the most frustrating things about dementia is that the sufferer and their loved ones will often deny memory loss and consider it temporary – an unnecessary and tragic mistake!

One’s best hope for dementia reversal is to seek immediate treatment for dementia symptoms. Here’s how:

1. Never wait to get help if you or a loved one has dementia symptoms.

Have several friends now who are losing their loved ones to dementia for many reasons. It’s scary to seek treatment when you want to pretend that there are no problems; plus, we know as caregivers that there is a “point of no return” when someone’s brain is too far gone for a disease that has no cure even though this moment is hard to define and will vary by each individual with own unique symptoms. 

When we could no longer deny Dad’s memory loss in 2016, our only given treatment from all trusted medical professionals (both neurologists and primary care physicians) was for him to start Alzheimer’s drugs with the understanding that these would help to delay the disease progression [extend suffering] but are never a cure.

2. Get this book & research the facts!

Avoid misinformation by following the scientific studies as much as possible. Since the raw data is often daunting, consider reading plain-language dementia study summaries in New Scientist and other reliable publications. 

3. Find a provider in your area who specializes in these dementia treatments (ReCODE or now called Bredesen Protocol)! This is what I’m doing now and hope to help prove it works beyond age 47 and for all loved ones!

Those we have lost from dementia will not suffer in vain if we may learn from their experiences. I am discouraged that in Texas today (as well as across the United States), most given health care solutions for dementia is that it’s a fatal disease with no cure. This is unacceptable and treatment options must be made available to all – regardless one’s ability to pay. The good news is that there are lifestyle changes that can be made without spending any money. The bad news is that taking DNA tests, getting tailored supplements, eating healthy foods, and finding a provider who offers these treatments are expensive or unavailable near someone’s home across the United States.

4. Check here for directory updates.

Regretfully, have not yet found a national directory with providers who specialize in these treatments but consider following Dr. Bredesen’s Facebook. Will also update these pages with a national directory (starting with Texas) so am grateful for any leads to help build this ongoing resource!

5. Treatment is Lifelong!

With help from your Bredesen-knowledgeable health care provider, your first step will be to take a DNA test and to find out what specific supplements you will need to defend your brain and body (based upon what your results say that you are lacking now) as well as making lifestyle changes to include Keto eating and exercise (The Keto Diet Cookbook by Leanne Vogel is my fave as a beginner!)

Book: The End of Alzheimer's by Dale Bredesen, MD
The Slayer's Handbook

If you are a woman, your chance of getting Alzheimer's Disease during your lifetime is now actually greater than your chance of getting breast cancer during your lifetime."

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