Keto for Dementia & Diabetes Prevention

  • June 20, 2019
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With help from #ketocon2019 in Austin, Texas

It’s been one week that hubby and I have been eating keto which means eliminating all [or, at least most] sugar and starchy foods. There are two reasons for this madness: dementia and diabetes (Type 2) where too much sugar (glucose) in the blood overwhelms the body’s ability to use sugar as fuel with the excess sweetness leading to other complications.

Although the causes for both conditions are complex as each person who has these conditions, here’s what science says about keeping the body in ketosis (by burning fat rather than sugar as fuel.)

Our primary goal is to reverse or to eliminate both conditions. Here’s why we think this will work:

We don’t need sugar to survive.

The human brain can use glucose (sugar) to power itself but recent scientific research shows that sugar-as-fuel may also lead to inflammatory conditions Including diabetes and dementia. Of course, not everyone who eats sugar will have negative consequences; however, being in ketosis will fuel the brain without triggering inflammatory response.

Very Hungry Caterpillar (cupcakes!)
What fool would possibly give up these Very Hungry Caterpillar cuppycakes from Galaxy Bakery in Georgetown, TX? Credit: Hubby & B’s 2nd B-Day


My doctor recommends it

Am grateful to see the Resilient Health doctors in Austin who support integrative medicine
and .follow The Bredesen Protocol.™ The reason they advocate for keto is the research indicating it’s good for the brain.

Casa Chapala
Sorry, but only the water is keto!


Eating Keto Feels Good

Turns out that bread and grains, while delicious, are not something that we need to survive and too much is bad for our health.

#ketocon2019 with Cavin Balaster
Cavin Balaster survived a head injury and now advocates keto as key to his recovery.
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